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by Tracy c gave Aylesford Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Very happy

I am very happy with the GP I see today, my son is suffering from a rare condition, whilst it’s not a painful problem it is something that’s needs to be resolved, the doctor listened to my concerns, agreed with my reasoning for thinking he has this and was very understanding on how to move forward. I appreciate this and personally am grateful she never brushed it off as a silly habit.

On arrival, the receptionist advised me the GP was running behind, Nice to be informed and we was more than happy to wait. I agree it is difficult to get an appointment but this is a national problem and not limited to Aylesford medical practice. The waiting room was nice and clean. All round I am very satisfied with this surgery. .

Visited in January 2019, Posted on 04 January 2019

by Anonymous gave Aylesford Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Very good surgery

We have been with this surgery for approximately 24 years plus but had not attended very offend, sometimes many years between appointments. In June my husband (51 years old) went for a checkup as he had experienced a very minor chest pain, twice in the previous five months. The Doctor made the right call and in our opinion and a leading heart surgeon at London Bridge Hospital played a major part in saving my husbands life. My husbands condition was caused by a gene mutation, life long non smoker and not over weight so no obvious life style choices contributed to his condition. We can not praise this Doctor enough for evaluating the very minor symptoms and then carrying out additional tests.The end result has been a triple heart bypass the outcome would have very different if it wasn't for the expertise of our Doctor. The reception staff , Practice Manager are all approachable, helpful and lovely as well.

Visited in June 2017, Posted on 26 September 2017

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